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Policies and Terms


  1. You are advised to use high speed Internet access so as not to disturb the process of buying and running a reservation.
  2. E-mail account provided that account must be active and able to accommodate the file transfer.
  3. We will send you an invoice purchase, registration information and the product serial number via e-mail address provided.
  4. We will send you an e-mail or the latest ad to you from time to time.


  1. All prices shown in Eshop Al Baghdadi is registered to the network.
  2. Offered to purchase via online networks that are registered.
  3. When making a payment, you will be taken directly to a link site BILLPLZ (PAYMENT GATEWAY PARTNER us).
  4. If there is a problem in the process of making a payment, you are encouraged to choose the method of payment offline.
  5. Transfer by Maybank and Bank Islam also accepted
  6. After that you have to send the payment approval to us. ( 0192665747 )



  1. All products that are traded are reserved under the Copyright Act as well as guaranteed quality and quality.
  2. Products that have been purchased can not be returned unless there is damage stemming from our side.
  3. An exchange item is only allowed within 7 days after taking with a receipt and a copy of the booking form


  1. You can choose Pos Laju services for shipping your books. Pos Laju shipping costs by weight of the books.
  2. Please call 03-6178 7801 (Parts Online Shop) to determine the total cost to be added.


  1. We welcome bookings and online purchases through a safe and secure process through local banks.
  2. Bank account Al Baghdadi METHOD SDN. BHD .: Maybank no. 5642-0570-1483
  3. Bank account Al Baghdadi METHOD SDN. BHD. : Bank Islam no. 12225010000538
  4. We also accept purchase offline by the method of payment by cash, check, money order or money order in the name of Al Baghdadi METHOD SDN BHD: Maybank no. 5642-0570-1483.
  5. Please read and understand any instructions on when to make purchases and reservations online.
  6. Delivery process usually takes 7 working days (except Pos Laju) after the reservation is made and payment is confirmed. We will notify you via email when the product has been delivered to you.
  7. We thank you for your willingness and confidence to use our products and buy online.